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Welcome to Tyler Herrington's Academic Website. I appreciate your patience as my site is still a work in progress. I will be uploading papers as they become available.

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Tyler Herrington in Committee Bay, Nunavut (July 2009)

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My chief area of interest is climate change, and more specifically, cumulative emissions and their relationship to dangerous climate change and climate tipping points. I am keen to investigate tipping points in the climate system, and what cumulative emissions are compatible with avoiding the trigger of regional level tipping points. Other interests of mine include determining the consequences of climate change on the characteristics of major vegetation biomes (such as the distribution of arctic tundra, the location of the arctic-tree line, and the distribution of the boreal forest). I also am interested at looking at global climate change more generally, and its implications for ecological communities, and fisheries.

You can view and download a selection of term papers (on climate change and biogeographic controls) that I've written, from the Papers page.